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Founded in 1978, K+H Armaturen GmbH primarily produced standard fittings for the beverage industry. At that time, the name reflected K+H Armaturen GmbH’s original fields of activity.

We have constantly expanded and changed our product range over the past 40 years, so the name K+H Armaturen GmbH hardly seems to do justice to our contemporary range of products any more. For these reasons we have selected K+H TEC as the new company name, a name that will be closely associated with our varied range of products and services.


KH TEC GmbH implements customized solutions and produces high-grade stainless steel products at 3 production sites. Due to its wide range of expertise and experience, the company has evolved into a renowned manufacturer in the fields of beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemistry as well as food and beverage.

Our production range comprises valves and accessories for the handling of liquid substances as well as components and systems made for modern cleaning technologies and, in addition, pipe installation of systems and buildings.

Contact Person: Frank Kunzmann // frank.kunzmann@kh-tec.de


Development and construction as well as design and initial operation of stainless steel vessels and filter housings are part of the core competences of this division.

KH vessel TEC’s experienced team consider themselves as professional and committed service providers who always meet our customers’ expectations and needs, in particular with regard to aspects of complexity, functionality, effectiveness and quality.

Products are manufactured in close collaboration with KH TEC GmbH’s team.

Contact Person: Uwe Lang // uwe.lang@kh-tec.de


This division of KH process TEC GmbH develops and distributes high-grade processing systems for the beverage industry. The focus is on optimizations as well as innovations in the field of modern membrane technology.


  • Systems for gas management in liquids
  • Systems for SO2 reduction
  • Systems for reducing alcohol content in liquids

Products are manufactured in close collaboration with KH TEC GmbH’s team.

Contact Person: Dr. Andreas Blank // andreas.blank@kh-tec.de

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Phone (0 70 45) 9 80-0

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